Corporate Team Building

In 2005, Calleva decided to test the waters and see if the same Calleva model that worked so well for our school programs would work for corporate groups.  We very quickly realized that Corporate America was demanding the same needs that our schools groups desired for their students: cohesion, motivation, team building, communication, problem solving, creative thinking, behavior models, and of course an excuse to escape the desk!

Under the direction of Tony Witter, we offer corporations the opportunities to put their team in situations to challenge themselves.  We will put your team through different activities and challenges that will get them working together towards a common goal.  There will be elements throughout the day that will focus both on individual and group growth.  Your company will work with and design your corporate program with a highly skilled and experienced corporate trainer and implement a plan for a successful day with Calleva.

List of current corporations we are working with:
Brookings Institution
The World Bank
Leadership Montgomery
AtlasAdvancement, Inc.
Frost School teachers
Inova Fairfax Hospital