Racing at Calleva

Calleva is excited to offer and sponsor a handful of races each year.  These races cross many different outdoor disciplines and are designed for intermediate to advanced athletes.  The races change from year to year but here are a few of our annual ones.

  • Seneca Showdown: Grab your water vessel of choice and head the starting line.  This annual spring race features a variety of different races, boat classes, and skill levels.  There is both a downriver race and an attainment race.
  • President of the Potomac: is a race series that combines 8 different races from 8 different sections of the Potomac River. The series starts with the Seneca Showdown and ends with PWRC’s Fall Feeder.
  • Savage River RaceWe have brought the race back to the same course as the 1989 World Championships! It has been too many years since we gathered together to go as fast as we can down the Savage River! Come check out this historic event!
  • Calleva’s Adventure Race: Every August we host a day of adventure and determination.  This race is perfect for someone looking to get their feet wet and try an adventure race to the sponsored pro, there is even a short kids race!