Horse Adventure FAQs

  • “What do I need to wear when I come to ride at Calleva?” Long pants and enclosed shoes or boots with a low heel. Since this is an outdoor activity please make sure that you are dressed according to the temperature. i.e.; scarves, gloves, layered sweaters and such in cold weather and t-shirts in hot weather. No shorts, dresses, bikini tops, flip flops, crocks, high heeled boots, etc. Calleva provides helmets.
  • “Are the helmets treated regularly for lice?”  Yes.
  • “Is there a minimum age to ride at Calleva?”  Yes and no. Yes – for trail rides. The minimum age for trail rides is 13. No, for riding lessons. Tiny Tots is a great program for pre-school children.
  • “Is there a bathroom at the barn?”  Yes, a clean porta john is provided.
  • “Are dogs allowed at the Calleva farm?”  No, but you will find that there are a few dogs on the property who belong to the barn manager and the farm owners.
  • “I have allergies. What allergens may I find at the farm?”  Cats, dogs, horses, hay, dust, pollen and more.
  • “Is there anywhere to buy food at the farm?”  No, please bring your own snacks. We do have a refrigerator for your convenience.
  • “Is there potable water at the farm?”  Yes, but bring your own water bottle to refill.
  • “Can we bring carrots or apples for the horses to eat?”  Yes, by all means, but please only feed the Calleva horses (not the Calleva boarder horses) under the direct supervision of a Calleva staff member.
  • “How do I find the farm?”  Please refer to the directions on the website.
  • “What type of riding do you teach?”  We teach English rifing (dressage, pleasure riding, hunter and jumper jumping, cross country jumping and trail riding.)
  • “Are your instructors certified?”  Yes, our instructors are certified by the ARICP or CHA.
  • “Can we visit the farm, pat and take photos of the horses?”  Yes, but only under the supervision of a Calleva staff member.
  • “May I come and watch riding lessons before I sign up for anything?”  Yes, of course!
  • “Do you offered a rain date option if I miss a lesson?”  Yes, our instructors are pretty flexible! You can work out scheduling with your instructor. We just ask that cancellations be made 24 hours prior the time of the scheduled lesson.
  • “Can I bring a friend or relatives to watch my lesson?”  Yes, of course. We have a nice climate controlled viewing room over looking the arena as well as covered bleachers with cushions.
  • “As a parent of a riding student may I drop off my kids and leave the farm during the riding lesson?”  Yes, as long as you return to pick them up shortly after their lesson.
  • “Is there a place for me to change and shower if I want to ride before going to work?”  We do have plenty of rooms for changing but no shower.
  • “Can I buy Calleva riding apparel?”  Yes, we offer a jacket of very good quality as well as t-shirts, long sleeved t-shirts and even a CEEP tote bag.
  • “As a boarder, can I use a vet, farrier or trainer of my choice?”  Yes.
  • “Is your farm suitable for wheel chairs?”  Not really. We do have concrete aisles in the barn but there is a fairly steep, gravel path leading up to the main barn. A car could be driven right into the barn if necessary.
  • “What type of horses does Calleva have for riding lessons?”  At Calleva, we pride ourselves for being associated with a wonderful herd of horses. Finding horses that fit our expectations is a painstaking process. The horses are hand picked for our program only if they meet our high standards of safety for for beginner riders. We also have horses that are more suited for advanced riders. The breeds in our wonderful herd consist of Draft horses, Appaloosas, Paints, Morgans, Arabs, Chincoteague ponies, Thoroughbreds, Quarter horses, Shetland ponies, miniature horses and even a donkey.
  • “My questions are still not answered?”  Send us a message below and we will be more than happy to connect with you and answer those questions.

CHAP Questions

Questions specifically regarding the Horseback Riding program.