Seasonal Employment

We are hiring for 2020!!

We are looking for staff in ALL summer camp positions AS WELL as seasonal staff (from Mid April to Mid November).


Do you have what it takes?  We pride ourselves on the best staff, quality instruction, and the best outdoor experiences that last a lifetime. We hope that you familiarize yourself with our mission and are willing to work hard to help us achieve it. In all Calleva programs, trust, communication,  honesty and integrity are keys to a successful community, and we hope that you are interested in joining the Calleva community. Calleva Inc. is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Use this link to see our detailed job advert with loads more information – http://www.backdoorjobs.com/calleva.html.

  • Instructors: EXP/Calleva VA 18+/Adventure Camp 21+ Years (8 weeks MINIMUM working weeks between weeks 2  through 10)
    Passionate, experienced outdoor adventurers who are certified and trained to facilitate and oversee a specific activity. Applicants for an instructor position at Calleva should have great communication, teaching, and leadership skills, plus a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism. They should posses extensive experience in their field of expertise and enthusiasm for sharing outdoor adventures with campers. A positive attitude, fun, flexibility and a strong work ethic are essential. Future Instructors must have a valid driver’s license and pass a DOT Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) physical. Those driving a large bus or towing a trailer are required to have a CDL. Applicants should be comfortable working and driving in varying weather conditions. Instructors must also be physically capable of camping and moderately heavy activity equipment over long distances and uneven terrain.

    ~Calleva VA Sessions run Weeks 1 through 10. Weeks 2 through 9 are all required to work in VA. Any additional weeks you are available to work outside of those 8 weeks will be work in MD.

  • Head Counselors: 18+ Years (8 weeks MINIMUM working weeks, Must have graduated high school or be 18 yrs. old)
    Strong leaders who are responsible for the overall cohesion of a group. Applicants for a HC position at Calleva should have great communication skills and be enthusiastic about teaching and sharing outdoor activities with campers. They should be able to adapt to changing working conditions, be fun, flexible and have a strong work ethic. Future HCs must be physically capable of helping carry equipment such as tents and water craft over uneven terrain and be comfortable working hard outside in varying weather conditions. They should be able to work excellently in a team, be able to take feedback well and exhibit good judgment in decision-making.
  • Junior Counselors: 16+ Years (6 weeks MINIMUM working weeks, Must have completed sophomore year of high school or be 16 yrs. old)  Young, up-and-coming leaders – a great first step into leadership at Calleva.  Applicants for a JC position at Calleva should have great communication skills and be enthusiastic about sharing outdoor activities with campers. Future JCs must be physically capable of helping carry equipment such as tents and water craft over uneven terrain and be comfortable working outside in varying weather conditions. They should be able to work excellently in a team and be able to take direction and feedback well.
  • Volunteers

Minimum 4 weeks available to work. Please complete application and interview – come and be part of our wonderful community – we LOVE volunteers!

  • Volunteer JC (15 years)

I am 15 this summer – should I be a camper (CIT) or apply as a volunteer JC?

…You can do BOTH!

As a volunteer, you will be placed where Calleva has a need as opposed to choosing your activity as a camper. You need to be available for at least 4 weeks, complete a staff application, attend an interview and staff training. 

While we match skills where we can, we do not guarantee that you will be placed with a specific activity. 

As a staff member, whether volunteer or paid, we aim to have a minimum 2 year age gap between counselors and campers, so it is more likely that you will be helping with our younger age group.


Any questions, please contact: lucy(at)calleva.org or baldy(at)calleva.org
Specific questions about Calleva VA, please contact: duncan(at)calleva.org



Full-Time Work

Calleva is a community of hard working, fun-loving, and professional leaders. We are examples that set the tone and direction to push our mission for all our seasonal and summer staff. Our community is as important as the participants that come to Calleva, and we practice what we preach… teamwork, stewardship, and personal growth.  Calleva Inc. is an equal opportunity provider and employer. Job Descriptions available upon request.


Interns make a 6-12 week work commitment and stipends are available in some cases.  Internships are not camp-specific but further Calleva’s overall mission. We like them focused on the individual intern’s area of expertise and education, and projects/workload can be customized or geared to intern’s educational or professional goals. These are couple of Internships we have already in place.

  • Agricultural Intern
  • Event Planning Internship
  • Social Media Internship
  • Outdoor Adventure Management Internship

Contact Baldy