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VA Fishing & River Ecology (Ages 9-15)

VA Fishing & River Ecology Camp

In Virginia’s Fishing and River Eco camp, we’ll get to know the beautiful Potomac river!

Campers will fish ponds, creeks, and the river itself, while also finding opportunities to learn about the many creatures that call these waters home. Campers can expect a mix of fishing and adventure, floating down the river, rapid swimming, and creeking throughout the week.

  • $765/Week
  • This week includes an exciting Thursday overnight
  • Available weeks 2-6 and 8-10
  • Ages 9-15
  • Transportation is available to/from the Madeira School
  • This camp is based at the Madeira School but may travel to other sites nearby including…
    • Great Falls, VA
    • Carderock, MD
  • Skills learned, practiced, and developed during the week include…
    • Lure selection
    • Knot tying
    • Casting
    • Fish habitat identification
    • Leave no Trace outdoor ethics
    • Water quality testing
The Thursday overnight is an INTEGRAL part of the week, and campers are UNABLE TO OPT OUT.
  • The fishing and river ecology overnight will see campers creating their own basecamp on an island in the Potomac or on the shores of the river, taking advantage of the setting sun to catch fish while they’re most active! They’ll get to camp out under the stars, and get up early to fish with the rising sun!

Tentative Fishing Itinerary

  • Monday – Potomac River HQ
    • Casting, tying, other fishing basics
    • Fishing and swimming in and around Skull Island
    • Bait traps
  • Tuesday – Difficult Run Creek
    • Explore, swim, and fish
    • Rapid swim VA chutes or float down to boat ramp
  • Wednesday – Offut Island
    • Fish and swim
  • Thursday
    • Raft trip in AM w/ sampler
    • Camp and fish on Offut or camp at Madeira
  • Friday
    • Final fishing competition and work on song competition song!