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The DMV is home to so many amazing crags whether its the rock faces on the shores of the Potomac River or up on Sugarloaf and the Appalachian Trail; our staff find the right cliffs for their campers. Communication and partnership are the fundamental skills that grow through rock climbing. Campers will need to work together, communicate, problem solve, and encourage each other both on and off the rock wall. Every day the Instructor will set up a range of different climbs and rappels for the group and individual.

  • $640/week
  • This week includes an exciting Thursday Overnight!
    • $50 will be refunded if overnights are not allowed due to COVID.
  • Offered weekly June 14th through Aug 20th
  • 4:1 Staff Ratio
  • Ages 9-15
  • Transportation¬†only available to/from:
    • Guy Mason Rec Center *We are aware that MD has not yet changed the 2020 Out of State Camper ruling for summer. We are expecting that this will change in May.
    • Eastern Middle School
      • *Stop not available weeks 2, 11
  • Sample Week Itinerary:
    • Learn the Gear @ Carderock
    • Overhangs @ Sugarloaf
    • Edging @ Great Falls
    • Overnight @ Annapolis Rocks


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