MD Explorers (Ages 6-8)

MD Explorers Camp
Calleva Farm provides a healthy mix of adventure, agriculture, and eco-awareness, so our Explorers are fully immersed in sweat and dirt every day. And it’s pure AWESOMENESS! From sharpening their archery skills to learning about our farm animals, expect each day’s all-outdoors itinerary to be focused on engaging activities, friends, and games.

  • $660/week
  • This camp does NOT have an overnight
  • Availability:
    • Weeks 2-10 – NEW! Explorers Themes (Great Heights, Critters & Creatures, Quest)
    • Weeks 1, 11, 12 – NEW! Endless Summer Adventures
  • Ages 6-8
  • Farm Lunches are available (+$65)
  • Transportation is available to/from Calleva Farm


NEW IN 2024! Explorers is still a true sampler experience to get our young campers trying lots of different outdoor adventures. This year we are offering more activities for all campers to try!

Weeks 1, 11, and 12 will be Endless Summer Adventures, a true Explorer sampler featuring a variety of fun Calleva activities PLUS a few field trips added into each week’s itinerary.

When registering for Weeks 2-10, Explorer parents will select from the following themes at the time of their registration:

  1. Great Heights highlights climbing & high ropes experiences, so these Explorers get their feet off the ground every day
  2. Critters & Creatures provides touchpoints with all of our farm animals, including the horses, as these Explorers rotate through a variety of agri-eco adventures
  3. Quest is a week of exploration activities, featuring map reading, “balance biking,” geo caching and other woods-oriented adventures.


A few important notes for parents:

  • Weeks 1-12, these 3 themes provide a framework for Calleva’s classic Explorers sampler rotation.
  • ALL themes include: council gathering in the morning and afternoon, kayaking, archery, creek play, and more!
  • Coming for multiple weeks? Try each theme so your Explorer can keep it fresh!
  • Friend requests are still possible, BUT THEY CAN ONLY BE HONORED WITHIN a theme. Additionally, campers cannot switch out of the theme – the themes have a set capacity that must be arranged at registration.


Sample MD Explorers Schedule can be found here.



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