2023 Summer Camp Transportation

Calleva provides “pick-up-point” transportation for our campers and the cost is included in weekly tuition. Campers ride commercial vehicles with certified drivers. 

Bus routes listed below run from your neighborhoods to Calleva Farm, Madeira School & Riley’s Lock. Please be sure to select your bus route based on the hub destination related to your child’s camp.

  • We have worked hard to select locations that will be efficient neighborhood “meet up” points. Locations are subject to change, since some of our hosts will not confirm until Spring 2023.
  • If Calleva is forced to re-locate one of these bus stops, we will do our very best to secure an alternate spot near the original lcoation.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Calleva does NOT provide Thursday evening or Friday morning bus service for Adventure Campers whose camp week includes an overnight excursion/campout.

Meet Up Times: The times listed here can shift on any given day due to unforeseen traffic or other re-routing issues. Please be patient and allow 15 minute leeway for our drivers! Please double check your confirmation email to be sure you understand your child’s pick up & drop off timing & location. 

Routes for Calleva Farm Camps in Dickerson MD

Cubs (Ages 4-5), Explorers (Ages 6-8), Horseback Riding (Ages 9-14), Growing Green (Ages 9-14), OneWheel (Ages 10-14)

*Not available weeks 1, 11 & 12.

**Not available week 1.

***Not available weeks 11 & 12. An nearby alternate site (TBD) will be used for Monday 6/12 only.

Routes for Riley’s Lock Camps in Poolesville MD

Riley’s Water Sampler (Ages 8-12), Beginner/Intermediate Kayaking (Ages 8-14), Adventure Island (Ages 8-12), Inflatables (Ages 8-12), Fishing (Ages 9-14), Rafting (Ages 9-15), MD SUP (Ages 9-15), MD Rock Climbing (Ages 9-15), Art in Nature (Ages 9-15), Wilderness Film (Ages 11-15), Intermediate/Advanced Kayaking (Ages 11-15), Mountain Biking (Ages 11-15)

*Not available weeks 1, 11 & 12.

**Not available week 1.

***Not available week 11 & 12. A nearby alternate site (TBD) will be used for Monday 6/12 only.

Routes for Virginia Camps at Madeira Campus (McLean, VA)

VA Explorers (Ages 6-8), VA Sampler (Ages 8-12), VA Teen Sampler (Ages 12-14), VA Kayaking (Ages 9-15), VA Stand-Up Paddleboarding (Ages 9-15), VA Rock Climbing (Ages 9-15), Sailing (Ages 9-15), Camper vs. Wild (Ages 9-15),

*Not available weeks 1, 10 & 11

High Adventure & LIT Trips (Ages 12-16)  — PARENT DROP OFF ONLY!

WV Sampler (Levels 1 & 2,) Kayaking (Levels 1,2,& 3), Backpack North Carolina, Climb Kentucky, Kayak Canada (Levels 2 & 3), Colorado Epic (13 Days), Leaders in Training (LIT 1, Adv LIT, LIT 3)

*The drop off & pick-up times may be different depending on specific trip itineraries.


You will select your child’s bus route after registering for camp. You’ll then be able to view your child’s bus route selection in your Camp-in-Touch account. There is NOT A WAIT LIST for bus routes. 

You will receive an email the week prior to your camp week reminding you of your child’s specific bus stop times and information. This will come from [email protected] and sometimes gets filtered into “junk” or “spam” folders so please be sure to add that address to your safe emails list.  

You camper must follow Calleva’s BUS RULES.  Each bus stop has a capacity limit. Please visit Parent Resources for more information BEFORE contacting the office about additional questions.

Vision: To promote transportation that connects the community with outdoor recreational activities in a way that enforces safety.

Mission: Establish safe, reliable, and efficient modes of transportation through the use of certified drivers, technicians, vehicles, and methods of safe transportation practices.

Values: Service with enthusiasm, dedication, and desire for connecting the community. Promotion of excellence, respect, dignity, and responsibility allows transportation to be successful. Staff strive to promote meaningful work to the well-being of the environment.