Calleva Home Camp – Day 20, May 6th

What’s up Calleva Home Campers?? We hope you had the BEST Star Wars Day and Cinco de Mayo and got some good celebrating in to keep you busy at home! We’ve got even more goodies coming at you today – so let’s get to it.

Please join along by sharing how you’re keeping busy! Post your activities on social media and use #CallevaHomeCamp to show us what you’ve got!

Tie-Dye with the Kraners

Time to repurpose! Take some of the old white clothing out of your closet and give it a new life – and if you don’t have tie dye, put 8 drops of food coloring in with 1/2 cup of water to use for your cloth dye.

Camouflage (A Camp Classic)

This game is a great one to play when you are out on a hike with your family or in your backyard! Basically, the seeker stands in one place, closes their eyes, and counts to 50.  The hiders then try to find places to hide where they can KEEP EYE CONTACT with the seeker, but also camouflage with their surroundings. When the seeker is done counting, they open their eyes and can turn around on their same spot looking for the hiders. Can you spot Olivia below??

Camouflage Game
Can You Spot Olivia?

***Using mud, leaves, and debris to camouflage yourself even better is highly recommended!!

Alexa’s Quarantine Projects

Our Calleva staff have been busy around their own homes during quarantine, and it’s fun to check in and see whats going on. Alexa and her family took the time to build a beautiful new outdoor space for themselves, as well painting some colorful canvases. What are you doing to pass the time? We’d love to see!

Camp Song Sing Along

Join us next Friday, May 8th at 7 pm, for another Facebook Live event. This time we will be doing a Camp Song Sing Along! Let us know via social media what songs you think should make the list for the evening.


We LOVE sharing camp vibes & spirit with you – keep on keeping up with us and show us some love with #callevahomecamp and keep the energy going!

Calleva Home Camp
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