Calleva Home Camp – Day 15, April 24th

In the eternal (paraphrased) words of Rebecca Black – it’s Friday, Friday, gotta get to camp on Friday!! Join us as the fun of home camp continues and try something new today!

Please join along by sharing how you’re keeping busy! Post your activities on social media and use #CallevaHomeCamp to show us what you’ve got!

Shrinky Dinks with Savannah

This GREAT craft reuses some of the plastic packaging prepared foods come in!  If you want, you can also use sandpaper to sand one side of the plastic so you can use colored pencils for your design instead of permanent markers.

There’s a Hole, There’s a Hole! with Alexa

This tongue twister of a song is one of our harder ones to get down – how long can you keep up??

Best Calleva Camper Dice Game

This is a great game to play with your family members or virtually with your friends over a video call – all you need is a pair of dice per player, paper, and a pencil!
Best Calleva Camper Dice Game
When you say go, all players start rolling their dice. The goal is to roll your dice and try to roll each number IN ORDER. (So if your first roll is a 2 and a 5, you cannot draw council, because you have not yet drawn a bus. But if your first roll is a 1 and a 6, you may draw a bus and keep rolling.) You may only draw one image per roll. The goal is to see who can get 6 cows first!! But don’t roll double 5’s – that’ll cause you to lose the song competition and have to start over!
1 – Get on the bus (draw a bus)
2 – Go to council (draw someone doing something absurd)
3 – Do your activity (draw your favorite Calleva activity)
4 – Overnight! (draw a campfire)
5 – Song competition (draw a musical note) – if at any time you roll double 5’s, you lose the song comp, START OVER ALL DRAWINGS
6 –  COW (draw a simple cow) – roll 6 times for the BEST SUMMER EVER
This game is loosely based on House of Fire, but with a twist of Calleva energy!

Goofy’s Dog Cake Recipe

We saw the McKones celebrate Goofy’s birthday on Monday – but were you wondering what kind of cake is good for dogs to eat?? Penelope is here to show you how to make a dog friendly cake!

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!! Learn a new skill or song, get outside, and enjoy the simple life! Show us some love with #callevahomecamp and keep the energy going!

Calleva Home Camp
Bringing a little bit of Camp Calleva into your home every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

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