Calleva Home Camp – Day 1, March 23rd

It’s the first day of Calleva HOME Camp and we’ve got some real gems for you!

Sing a song with Taylor, make a craft with Katelyn, cook up some fried oreos with Olivia, or leg wrestle a competitor in your house. Scroll down to find all the fun thats in store. You can join along yourself in by sharing  your activities, songs, games, and crafts on social media and using the hashtag #CallevaHomeCamp . We cant wait to see what you create.

To quote one of our faves (Baldy): “Have a CAMP DAY!”

Calleva Song with Taylor Borie & Friends


Solo: C-A-L-L-E-V-A

Everyone else: C-A-L-L-E-V-A

Solo: Camp Calleva starts today

Everyone else: Camp Calleva starts today

Solo: C-A-L-L-E-V-A

Everyone else: C-A-L-L-E-V-A

Solo: Camp Calleva’s here to stay

Everyone else: Camp Calleva’s here to stay

Solo: Sound off

Everyone else: 1, 2

Solo: Bring it on down

Everyone else: 3, 4

Everyone all together:

1, 2, 3, 4

1, 2 – 3, 4!

It was early in the summer, couldn’t think of something funner

So my mother signed me up for Calleva, hey, hey!

Oh my heart was but a flutter, and my voice was but a stutter

Till I found a true blue camper by my side

By my side, by my side, till I found a true blue camper by my side

Oh our counselors how they lead us

There’s no camp that can defeat us, and our friendships they grow stringer every day – hey, hey!

Oh our hearts are for Calleva and we know that they will stay there

Together, forever come what may. Come what may, come what may, okay!

Together, forever come what mayyyyy, hey!


Leg Wrestling with Josie & Katie

Rules: Lie on the floor, the opposite direction as your opponent, and lock elbows. On the count of 3, lock legs, and try to flip your opponent into a back somersault!


Pan Fried Oreos with Olivia

Whip up this super simple camping favorite! A little pancake mix and a few oreos are all you need for this treat!


An awesome seasonally themed project to do with any kind of painting tool!


We hope you had fun with camp today! We’d love to see your own version of these cooking and craft projects, as well as your songs and games. You can share with us by using #CallevaHomeCamp on social media, or tagging us @callevaoutdoors on Instagram. See you back here soon for even more fun (and maybe a Farve sighting?!) on Wednesday!

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