Land/Water Sampler

Too much screentime? We are offering a variety of adventures on or off the water for your students from 3-6pm. Every Thursday and/or Friday.

Choose Land or Water for Thursdays or Fridays or you can pick both!

Separate groups for both Grades 1-5 and Grades 6-12

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Horseback Riding

After a long day in front of a computer; learn, connect, and bond with our horse as you develop skills and self confidence in our Saddle Club!

Wednesdays, Thursdays, and/or Fridays

12 week sessions for Grades 1-8

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What’s your After School sport ~ Why not make it Kayaking? Build skills that take advantage of the mighty Potomac.

6 week sessions for Grades 6-12

M-F options based by skill level

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“Must we always teach our children with books? Let them look at the mountains and the stars up above. Let them look at the beauty of the waters and the trees and flowers on earth. They will then begin to think, and to think is the beginning of a real education.”

~ David Polis

After School
Land/Water Sampler

6:1 Ratio (12 max/8 min students)

Thursdays and Fridays
3pm-6pm: $480 (for 1 day/wk for 8 weeks)
Group for grades 1-5 & 6-12

**NEW Wednesday Water & Land Sampler**
3:30pm-6pm: $300 (for 1 day/wk for 6 weeks)
Group for grades 1-5

No Transportation
Land Sampler: Carderock DO/PU
Water Sampler: Riley’s Lock DO/PU
Virginia Sampler: Madeira Campus DO/PU

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After School Fall 2020

After a long day on-line, we are pumped to offer a wide variety of options to meet your adventuring needs. Calleva now gives those students that aren’t quite ready to commit to horse and kayak; an ever popular Fall edition of our Duncan’s and Gresko’s Camps. Land and Water After School Sampler.

Land Sampler is based at one of our favorite spots along the C&O called Carderock. Like the name suggests, there are rocks we climb and scramble along the towpath and it is adjacent to the Potomac River. Located near the historic David Taylor Model Basin, it is an ideal spot for many of our popular activities; hiking the Billy Goat trail and accessing the river for fishing, setting rappels on shoreline cliffs, traveling up and down the towpath on bikes*, and climbing routes and working bouldering problems are all activities that we do best ~ Join the team and thrive in the outdoors.

Water Sampler is based out of our River School Headquarters at Riley’s Lock with access to our backlot that contains every human powered watercraft you can dream up!  Flatwater  – Check! Rapids – Check! Rope Swing – Check! Rapid Swimming – Check! All kinds of human powered water fun you can think of on SUPs, Canoes, Kayaks, Tubes, Duckies, and Rafts! If we get motion sickness and are in need of solid ground under our feet, we head out to Adventure Island and play as if there is no one else in the world! Just the location invokes the lightness that is summer camp, and that is what we will do!

Virginia Sampler combines the best of both our Land and Water Sampler by exposing students to all our favorite activities at one location. Our Virginia Campus is ideally located for learning all of your typical Sampler activities, but also includes our incredible team building challenge course as well as a state of the art Arial Course. A private pond, our private climbs and our very own access to the river make this the perfect spot to step into the outdoors!

All Outdoor Adventure Activities may use a bus to ‘shuttle’ students from one location to another. Students will sit one per seat and will be required to wear a mask at all times. Siblings will be permitted to sit next to each other. Bus windows will be down whenever possible.

TRANSPORT: Please note – Calleva is not providing transportation for any After School programming.  Parents will need to get their children to and from their chosen activity.

  • After School Kayaking: Lock 6, Lock 10, Angler’s Inn
  • After School Horseback Riding: Calleva Farm in Dickerson MD
  • After School Land: Carderock
  • After School Water: Riley’s Lock
  • After School Virginia: Madeira Campus

*NEW After School WEDNESDAY 6 week program: Water (Riley’s Lock) & Land (Calleva Farm, Dickerson)

Water Activities at Riley’s Lock will include all kinds of human powered water fun; SUPs, Canoes, Kayaks, Duckies as well as our creek rope swing! Land Activities on the Calleva Farm will include our Ropes Challenge Course, Archery and Climbing on our Indoor Rock wall. (Different activities each week) 

We plan to be outside for 100% of the time, weather permitting. In the case of severe weather, the group will shelter in a bus or under a pavilion. Students will be required to wear masks if sheltering or engaging in activities indoors.

Social Distancing: We know how much safer it is to be outside than inside, but we also know we cannot eliminate all the risks. This Fall, we are continuing to follow extensive advice from the CDC and American Camp Association joint guidance (Field Guide for Camps), which recommends groups (of up to 15 – including staff) can operate at low risk outside in a ‘cohort’ model, like a family or household. According to their guidance, this applied to a day camps as well as overnight camps in conjunction with other daily health checks. While our staff constantly remind children to keep their distance from each other (discouraging physical contact), they will not be required to keep a strict 6 ft physical distance from each other or wear masks when engaged in physical activities.

*Masks will also be worn by Calleva staff and children during the following times: when having temperature taken, when being given first aid and if moving to a small indoor location due to extreme weather.

*Biking is only available for Middle & High School grades.