Calleva C.I.T.s are campers capable of being mature role models who are ready to embrace leadership opportunities throughout their camp week. They are NOT volunteer staff members. 

Counselors in training (CITs) get to participate in daily camp activities while practicing some of the skills and responsibilities of Calleva staff.  While having fun, they will also learn life skills, teamwork and a strong work ethic.  In order to be a CIT, you must do your best to fulfill the expectations listed below.

Age Requirements:  CITs must be 14 or 15 years old


  • Model good behavior, set the example, use appropriate language (be a role model for younger campers!)
  • Be a friend to all campers. Encourage nervous or struggling campers. Be inclusive.
  • Approach camp with a positive attitude – enthusiasm is contagious!
  • Communicate with the staff you are working with & BE PROACTIVE. Ask how you can help and do your best to perform any tasks or responsibilities assigned to you.
  • Never discipline other campers. Remember, you are still a camper yourself. Focus instead on modeling good behavior.
  • Begin to think about camp from a counselor’s perspective. How can you help make transitions go smoothly? What are the group dynamics within your activity? What characteristics of the Calleva staff make them good leaders?
  • CITs are often needed the most on Thursday overnights in activity camp – as a role model and a leader for the other campers.
  • Have fun!

Registration & Process:

  • CIT applicants need to REGISTER for camp! Select the camp activities and weeks and pay in full.
  • Once you’re registered for camp, you may apply for the CIT program here. To apply, the teenager will write a paragraph about why they’d like to be a CIT.
  • The CIT director will get back to successful CIT applicants and communicate directly with them about expectations
  • CITs are eligible to earn a limited number of SSL hours each week. (The maximum SSL award for Calleva CITs= 10 hrs/week), determined by Camp Leadership and based on feedback from the relevant Instructor/Head Counselor.)  CITs are responsible for bringing any relevant SSL paperwork to the CIT director, with their portion filled out. This should occur during or after the week(s) attended. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: No CITs on high adventure trips or LIT trips.

Volunteer JC (15 yrs)

I am 15 this summer – should I be a camper (CIT) or apply as a volunteer JC?

…You can do BOTH!  

As a volunteer, you will be placed where Calleva has a need as opposed to choosing your activity as a camper. You need to be available for at least 4 weeks, complete a staff application, attend an interview and staff training. 

While we match skills where we can, we do not guarantee that you will be placed with a specific activity. 

As a staff member, whether volunteer or paid, we aim to have a minimum 2 year age gap between counselors and campers, so it is likely that you will be helping with a younger age group.