Nick, Matt & Alex Markoff dreamed up Calleva back in 1992, and the last 30 years have taken our team to a wide world of adventure that’s way beyond their original vision!

Originally founded as a small summer camp, Calleva is now nationally known as an innovative force in outdoor adventure & education. The growth of our community has been fueled by the passion and skills brought over the years as Calleva has attracted the best of the best to support our mission. Olympic kayakers, top tier wilderness professionals, seasoned educators, high energy camp leaders, committed conservationists, and creative trades people and artists – all have contributed to our organization’s success.

That said, remembering where we’ve been is important for understanding who we are and where we are going. We are mindful that our collective success is built upon the passion of our founders, who love introducing kids to the outdoors and teaching them to achieve their very best in every activity. We embrace this ethic in everything we do!

Calleva’s unique brand of outdoor adventure is expressed through summer camp, a year-round kayaking school, outdoor educational experiences, community building, and small-scale sustainable farming. Calleva’s dynamic & mobile programming introduces participants to the best parks, trails, rivers, and rocks in our region, providing challenging outdoor experiences that expand comfort zones and foster teamwork.

Step into our office – we’d love to adventure with you!

As a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit, Calleva gets city kids (of all ages!!) out into DC’s backyard for homegrown fun and adventure.  We are a mission-oriented organization and we work every day to help.

  • For Youth:  through summer camp, Calleva Leadership School & other teen programs, collaboration with local schools & other community partners;
  • For Groups:  through school programming and corporate team building, leadership training, instructional programs and other customized events;
  • For Athletes:  through fun and challenging races designed to push and
  • For Families:  through adventures that strengthen the ties between parents, kids and extended family groups, getting outdoors with your families in a variety of fun and festive outings; and
  • Our Community:  through practical efforts that help raise awareness about the traditions, local resources and common values that knit us together.

In short, we love what we do because we think it’s valuable to our community as well as to every person who participates in our programs.

Get Outdoors!
Summer Camps

Offering a variety of age-appropriate outdoor adventure camps with transportation provided to the Metropolitan area.