Scholarship Applications are due Jan 13, 2020

  • Must include (1)Completed Application, (2)Scholarship Registration form with waiver, (3) Letter from your prospective camper, and (4)Proof of income or need
  • Forms can be mailed, emailed to [email protected], or faxed to 240.414.2475
  • Awards will be announced through email by the end of February
  • Contact [email protected] with questions

Scholarship Application


As a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit, Calleva is happy to offer a variety of scholarships to summer campers, students and scouts who are interested in participating in our programs.  Our scholarship fund is fed by revenue from Markoff’s Haunted Forest, an annual event which we organize on our farm every October.

Full and partial scholarships are both awarded, based on need. Please indicate family income on the scholarship form and, if applying for a partial scholarship, what percentage your family is able to pay.

MHF Scholarships are awarded on a needs-only basis to children who cannot afford to pay full tuition for Calleva summer camp.  Our scholarship committee assesses applicants on the basis of need and awards scholarships before the end of March. For the past 5 years, MHF Scholarships have also been awarded through Montgomery County’s Linkages to Learning program.  Officials at Linkages to Learning help Calleva identify students from southern Montgomery County who would benefit from a week with us in the outdoors.

The George Kephart Scholarship Fund was created in 2012 to honor a man who exemplified the values that we hold high at Calleva. George was a friend and mentor who was a tremendous help to Calleva as we evolved into the organization we are today. George valued community and rural spaces and was a tireless advocate for local farms and the Montgomery County Agricultural Reserve. This fund is established to provide assistance to:

  • Poolesville families who need help paying for Calleva’s Growing Green summer programs;
  • High school students who need help financing environmental/sustainability projects as part of their course of study; and
  • Scout projects at Calleva Farm, with a specific emphasis on sustainable agriculture or environmental/resource conservation.

Interest in this scholarship should be noted in the participant’s letter.


The Hal Magleby Scholarship Fund was created to honor a Calleva camper that inspired many of us.  Hal was a young man who spent several summers with us before being diagnosed with a terminal illness.  Hal’s last wish was to spend a week on a Calleva high adventure — a full week out in the wilderness with a group of high-energy Calleva staff and teenage campers.  He was a huge inspiration to his team that week, as he hiked, climbed, paddled and camped all over the Linville Gorge.  In honor of Hal’s strength, passion and incredible perseverence, Calleva awards scholarships to Calleva High Adventures & Leaders in Training participants in his name.Participants must be 12 – 17 years old and interest in this scholarship should be noted in the participant’s letter.


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Questions specifically regarding Scholarships
Growing Green

Option for the George Kephart Scholarship.

High Adventures

Options for those seeking the Hal Magleby Scholarship.